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Growth in the enterprise mobility market has been slower than anticipated, in spite of the many investments that are planned across industries. This is the verdict of the new Datamonitor report, “Understanding adoption of mobility solutions”.

In the report, the analyst firm also highlighted the fact that mobility solutions are often deployed together as a package, because both investment and penetration levels for mobile management, applications and security are at similar levels.

It interviewed 1,000 IT decision makers across Europe, North America and Australia to discover their mobile investment plans.

Penetration of mobile technology had only creased by 5% compared to last year in mobile management, applications, security, platforms and integration, and Telematics.

Aphrodite Brinsmead, technology analyst and author of the report, said: “It is clear that mobility is not a top priority for enterprises, with enterprise applications and IT systems management topping the agenda for enterprises’ largest IT project.”

But she added: “Penetration should increase to 50% for mobile management in 2008, with the other technologies following close behind.” Datamonitor predicted that businesses were likely to make more investments in the next six to 24 months, rather than the short term.

The largest growth in mobility solutions would come from the healthcare sector, Datamonitor said, where penetration could increase as much as 20% over the next two years owing to the need for access to patient records and drug information. This outweighed the technology’s use in retail banking and the energy sector, in spite of those sectors' "larger mobile workforce".

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