So far, CIOs have focused mainly on the potential problems of consumerisation of IT and mobility, in areas such as security, legal liability and telecom costs. These are crucial issues, and will continue to feature prominently on the IT agenda. However, forward-looking CIOs must develop strategies and policies that go beyond reacting to potential problems, shifting the focus instead onto the business benefits that can be realised by embracing consumerisation into the enterprise IT culture - benefits such as higher efficiency, improved productivity, and better customer service.

While IT strategy may be to enable or improve enterprise mobility, the realisation should always be to strive for better business outcomes.

Dimension Data has commissioned Ovum to write a piece of Primary Research (also co-sponsored by Citrix) on the topic of End-User Computing. This research outlines how IT strategies need to be redefined to accommodate end-user computing, and the opportunity to drive innovation and competitive advantage within the enterprise.

In this video, CIO Editor-in-Chief Mark Chillingworth speaks to Jim Barrett, Head of End User Computing at Dimension Data about the rise of the mobile workforce, and how CIOs should review their IT strategies to develop a more proactive end-user computing strategy.

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