Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council in Greater Manchester is using video conferencing technologies from LifeSize and Codian across its entire diverse educational community of over 120 locations to bridge students and teachers through progressive programmes and services.

Oldham Council has committed to using the multimedia technology through its primary, secondary and special schools, building a "bridge for learning" where students of all ages and backgrounds can explore educational avenues through interactions with classmates, knowledge experts and council leaders.

"We are very excited about partnering with LifeSize and Codian to provide such innovative videoconferencing technology to Oldham's schools. Enabling the Borough's children and young people to realise their potential, raising educational standards and promoting community cohesion are at the heart of much of the Council's work," said Ruth Baldwin, Oldham Council's executive drector for Children, Young People and Families. "Introducing this new facility will revolutionise learning and teaching and play a key role in helping us to achieve these aims. Oldham will be a model of excellence for other local authorities, schools and learning establishments across the UK and ultimately around the globe."

The Council's Head of ICT Strategy for Children, Young People and Families, and project lead, Steve Goodman added: "ICT is transforming learning and teaching throughout the UK. We selected this videoconferencing solution based on providing the very best user experience, with high definition being a key factor. We also wanted a solid investment for the future, as well as the ability to deploy across our existing network infrastructure. LifeSize and Codian products represent the most innovative, best price-to-performance solutions on the market."

Oldham purchased LifeSize Team systems and Codian MCU 4500 Series conferencing bridges from UK videoconferencing reseller Videonations through Catalist, the PC World Business. LifeSize Team systems and Codian MCUs connect conferencing participants in multiple locations for joint instruction, virtual fieldtrips, student correspondence, teacher trainings and meetings, and counselling sessions.

Beyond implementing the high definition video communications systems, Oldham is dedicated to making videoconferencing an integral part of day-to-day communications by appointing champions within each school to serve as evangelists. These individuals will ensure that everyone at Oldham has the opportunity to benefit from using high definition video communications, resulting in a strong video culture well into the future.