Orange claims the average iPhone user uses less than 200MB of data per month. Responding to the so-called "unlimited" 750MB monthly deal, which will be introduced when the provider starts offering the iPhone from next Tuesday, a company employee cited user data from other European iPhone markets.

Conor Maples, who works in the comms team at Orange UK, has used his Twitter feed - @ConorfromOrange - in recent days to answer and clarify points raised by potential Orange iPhone customers.

"We have had iPhone in other European countries for a while now & research shows the average user uses less than 200mb per month," Conor Tweeted.

The Orange employee also defended the 750MB download limit. Since Monday, Orange has been soundly criticised by potential customers for limiting its "unlimited" data plan to just 750MB per month.

"750MB is actually quite a lot of Mobile Data too - it's about five hours of video downloaded from YouTube, 75,000 mobile web pages or.…"

"...30,000 normal web's 250 full music tracks (if an average a track is about 3MB) or 1500 mobile games.."

Reacting to claims that Orange may ban or limit use of online streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, Spotify, as well as popular sites such as Facebook, Conor wrote: "…I can confirm that popular streaming services will not be banned for iPhone users."

From Tuesday 10th November, the iPhone will be available in all 402 UK Orange stores, its online shop, telesales channels, and its Orange HMV concessions, as well as through Apple Retail Stores, Carphone Warehouse, Phones4U and other selected high street partners. Orange claims to be "the UK‘s biggest 3G network, covering more people than any other".