Mobile provider Orange appears to have fixed the problems that saw left many of its data customers unable to access the service for most of 24 hours.

The trouble started on 18 August and continued with a short reappearance until yesterday afternoon, which would have been bad enough for Orange but many customers had no idea what had happened or when the service might return.

For those able to access the service at all, data speeds dropped back from 3G to GPRS level at best.

"We can confirm that some Orange mobile customers across the UK may be experiencing reduced data access. We are trying to resolve this issue as a matter of priority and would like to apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused," Orange announced curtly in the hours after the outage.

The world would likely not have noticed the issue were it not for the now customary flurry of annoyed messages on Twitter. “day three of Orange Data disaster; still no real apology or explanation from Orange or their head of PR,” spouted one user.