While it’s true that 38 per cent of Brits read fewer magazines today than they did at the start of the recession, (due to cost, time and excessive advertising amongst other reasons) almost as many, at 36 per cent, would like to read their magazines on a tablet computer.

2.5 million Brits say they would even buy a tablet computer to read magazines on it. According to government figures, around 2,100,000 people already own an iPad here in the UK.

Much has been said about the decline of the printed media. However, the industry isn't declining, it's just changing. The printed media is transforming into online and electronic media.

Lekiosk, a French newsstand app already on 1 in 4 iPads in France, and recently launched in the UK, has published the results of a survey of 2,000 Brits conducted by YouGov that demonstrates just this.

Already, 1 in 20 Brits are reading magazines on their tablet computers due to the convenience and portability (a necessity when it is considered that Brits do 49 per cent of their magazine reading on a mode of transport), and with just 8 per cent currently owning a tablet, as they become more widespread over time, there is great and rising potential.

The iPad dominates the market, taking 70 per cent of all tablet sales, and the app store encourages and promotes online magazines and newspapers with the Newsstand section, where customers can buy or even subscribe to their favourite publications.

As the combination of electronic and portable is fast becoming a requirement in every consumer product, with the unstoppable rise of Kindles and the recent introduction of iBooks 2 and iBooks Author, why shouldn't magazines and newspapers do the same?

The research conducted and published by Lekiosk shows that, not only would a bigger promotion of magazines available for tablets increase sales of the publications, it may also increase sales of tablets.

As more and more businesses include Apple iPads into their everyday conduct, having newspapers instantly on the iPad will become vital to those who need to be constantly in the know and informed.

Part of the appeal of electronic books and magazines on an iPad or a tablet is their interactivity and the potential for animation, sound, video clips and all manner of features to be added.

If more publication honed in on this and utilised it to their advantage then there would be no suggestion that magazines and newspapers are dying out. Simply changing with the times.

Over three quarters of all Brits are magazine readers, the industry certainly isn't declining.