The RSPCA is improving its mobile reporting systems and creating a central respository for data as a result.

The animal welfare charity has gone to data management software developer AMT-SYBEX to improve the society's reporting systems between head office and remote staff, to truly mobilise its workforce and create a central database.

The RSPCA relies on calls from the public about alleged cruelty to animals, and typically someone calls the charity's 24-hour helpline every 30 seconds, it says. Gathering information from those calls and getting it into the field so that it can be acted upon quickly is vital to what the RSPCA does.

AMT-SYBEX has now developed a system to work in conjunction with the RSPCA's TAILS central command and control system.

Historically, calls from the public that were recorded in TAILS were allocated from the National Control Centre to one of 400 officers in the field via a phone call from the scheduling team. Officers had to complete paper-based work tasks, carry multiple mobile devices - in addition to SatNav equipment - and wait for their work to be phoned through to them.

Instead, AMT-SYBEX has now created the MICE (Mobile Integrated Communications Equipment) platform to enable officers to directly receive and manage their work on mobile devices.

The new application is loaded onto a Motorola device giving users the ability to review and update information on jobs that have been assigned to them. The system also allows inspectors to view historic jobs that are still open in their name and ensures that jobs are closed out effectively, said the RSPCA.

Also, the mobile integration allows SatNav software to be used on the mobile, removing the need for a separate device. In addition, staff can update their reports on the mobile devices, minimising the need for paper-based reporting.

Through the new MICE system, the RSPCA has seen an improvement in the speed of updates back to the central TAILS system, with 43 percent of updates now entered within 15 minutes.

RSPCA chief superintendent Richard Harding said: "Our workforce are now more mobilised in the field making them even more efficient in their roles, helping us to save more animals from cruelty and neglect."

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