It would appear that staff at Samsung were so concerned about the reaction of their chairman to the news that Apple had won its patent dispute with Samsung in a California court, that they waited four days to break the news to him. 

According to the Korea Times, chairman of Samsung Electronics Lee Kun-hee wasn't briefed on the outcome until four days after the verdict was announced. The news was broken by the unfortunate vice chairman Choi Gee-sung, who had been put in charge of leading the patent dispute. 

An unnamed Samsung executive told the Korean Times that after hearing the news, the chairman of Samsung "calmed down and slightly closed his eyes". The executive doesn't reveal what the chairman said before calming down. 

The Korean Times earlier reported that the Samsung executives were "reeling in shock" after the verdict was announced, reports Fortune. 

Following the verdict, Samsung was quick to fire out a statement claiming Apple is engaging in 'outright abuse of patent law, not pursuit of innovation'

A trial was taking place simultaneously in Seoul. That jury found Apple guilty of copying some Samsung patents, but Samsung was also found guilty there, so that verdict limits both Apple and Samsung - affecting sales of the Galaxy tablets and the iPad in South Korea.