City Building (Glasgow), the former building services department of Glasgow City Council, has signed a three-year £650,000 contract with Civica for its Servitor job management system.

The deal means its workforce will be issued with mobile devices to remotely enter information on repairs and maintenance, enabling greater efficiency in the administration of the 110,000 homes the firm manages in Glasgow alone.

City Building was spun out of Glasgow City Council in 2006 and now makes profits of £150m a year delivering its services to the public and private sectors.

John Foley, the firm's finance director, said the job management system was "a major investment for us in the future development of our organisation. It will provide us with the right technological infrastructure needed to drive us forward, while maintaining the excellent levels of customer service that our customers have come to expect.”

The contract win is just the latest to be announced by Civica this week. A few days ago it signed a £45m contract with Sheffield City Council become the local authority's strategic ICT partner for the city’s Building Schools for the Future programme.

It has also signed a £3.3m, three-year contract with Essex City Council to provide an ICT infrastructure and improve communication between schools across the county.