The Scottish government has released details of its plans to purchase up to £60 million worth of tablets and notebooks over the next three years.

A contract notice released this week outlined how Scottish ministers intend to allow the public sector to purchase the devices through two separate lots – one for education bodies, and one for corporate bodies.

The education lot will be available for use by any public education body in Scotland, where spend could reach anywhere up to £30 million on “notebooks, a range of devices, accessories and services associated with deployment”.

Equally, ministers expect that up to £30 million could be spent on deploying tablets to Scottish public sector bodies and authorities.

The initial framework agreement will be 15 months, with an option to extend for up to two further 12 month periods.

Those interested in participating in the tender process have until the middle of January 2013 to submit their opening bids.

In other tablet news, it was revealed today that Prime Minister David Cameron is trialling an application on his iPad that not only feeds in data that will help him make government decisions, but also provides feedback on the country’s feelings towards him and the Conservative Party.