Mobile security1

Lance Fisher, CIO of recruitment agency SThree, has implemented mobile device management (MDM) applications as a way of reducing device spend, increasing security and enabling BYOD.

Fisher, named the European CIO of the Year at the European ICT awards in June, was speaking at a CIO UK event as a champion of CIOs owning the information at their organisation.

He said that using information to make fact-based decisions was an integral part of his role, and what differentiated a true CIO from an older style director of IT. He also described how SThree is moving to a bring-your-own-device strategy as its 17,000 recruitment consultants are being weaned off BlackBerry devices.

"The change was simple," Fisher explained. "We didn't want to buy more phones so we just used an MDM app.

"Since I can't do everything myself, we have to rely on key vendors and find out who to partner with.

Fisher laid out his IT strategy to the CIO audience and explained the importance of mobility to his organisation and sector.

"Going mobile added to the bottom line straight away which gave me kudos in the boardroom," he said.