Sussex Health Informatics Service (HIS), which provides IT services to all 11 NHS trusts in the Sussex region, is implementing Novell's ZENworks resource management solution to deliver asset management, remote desktop control and application deployment.

The rollout, which will support 25,000 users, will enable Sussex National Health (NHS) organisations to obtain a unified view of their IT resources, making their network more secure and easier to manage.

Currently, Novell ZENworks is being deployed throughout East Sussex to 6,000 users as a pilot project, with a view to expand the solution to cover all 25,000 users in Sussex.

The rollout comes under Novell’s Enterprise Wide Agreement with NHS IT project managers Connecting For Health, signed in October 2005, which means that any NHS trust can be granted the licences and training it needs to use the full ZENworks Suite at no cost.

“At Sussex HIS we manage and support a very mixed IT infrastructure spanning 11 trusts throughout the region in disparate locations. We needed a robust resource management solution that was capable of working over low bandwidth connections,” said Steve Orman, Sussex HIS head of IT. “Novell ZENworks Suite gave us a reliable remote desktop solution as well as a clear upgrade path to use other modules of ZENworks further down the line.”

The new systems will allow Sussex HIS to run asset reports centrally and enable remote desktop control so the NHS trusts it supports can benefit from lower helpdesk costs, manage the mixed environment and automatically deploy operating systems, configurations and software on thousands of desktops and laptops – all from a central location.

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