iPad owners in Europe wanting to access News Corp's iPad-only digital newspaper, The Daily, might not have long to wait.

John Miller, News Corp's chief digital officer, told delegates at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit that The Daily would launch in Western Europe some time in the first half of 2011.

The Daily, which launched in the US early in February, provides only US-focused content at the moment, with editorial bases in Los Angeles and New York.

The app is also only available to US customers at the moment and though it is free to download, will require a $0.99 weekly subscription fee when it begins to charge for access next week.

The European version will be available to iPad owners in the UK, though it won't be a UK-specific edition, News Corp said, but a Europe-focused publication. However, a UK-specific version hasn't been entirely ruled out for some time in the future.

The Daily was the first news app to take advantage of the new subscription service in iTunes, which sees Apple take a 30 percent cut of revenue.

According to The Guardian, the introduction of the iTunes subscription service into the UK is facing opposition from several publishers and settling this matter will be a key factor in deciding when exactly UK-based iPad owners will be able to access The Daily.