News Corp's iPad-only 'digital newspaper', The Daily, is now available in the UK.  

The Daily launched in the US in February, pitching itself as the first national daily news publication built from the ground up for Apple's tablet.

The app itself is free but access costs $0.99 per day or $39.99 for an annual subscription in the US and 69p per day or £27.99 per year in the UK.

The Guardian notes that the app has been available in the UK for a week, judging by the date of comments and reviews about the app.

iPad app first look: The Daily (Video)

Many of the reviews bemoan the fact that though the app is now available for users in the UK, it lacks any UK-focused comment.

"I've been waiting for this app ever since it was announced in the US. The pricing is great and the design is fantastic but if they want to make any impact on the UK then they're going to have to start a UK edition," one review reads.

"I agree it's a great looking app but why would anyone in the UK want to read American news, politics and sport," reads another.