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Thomson Reuters has acquired London-based mobile platform and product development firm Apsmart in a bid to bolster its mobile capabilities.

Apsmart was founded in 2009 by venture capitalist firm DN Capital and Ruhal Powar, creator of the music recognition iPhone application Shazam.

Thomson Reuters claims that the acquisition will enable it to design and develop new interfaces for mobile that deliver 'expert-enriched content' to professionals on a number of devices.

"This new team brings strong experience in end-to-end mobile development capabilities from user experience and design through to product realization and platform services," said Robert Schukai, global head of mobile technology at Thomson Reuters.

He added: "As we move forward, we will have a greater ability to develop foundational mobile capabilities that build significant brand value in our mobile product portfolio."

The value of the deal has not been disclosed.

Thomson Reuters also recently revealed that it is improving the way researchers can access and manage content in its biological science database, using an IDBS ScienceLink scientific content brokerage platform.