Cosmos, the UK's largest independent tour operator and low-cost airline, Monarch are investing in new web penetration testing technology.

The two businesses, which are both part of the Monarch Travel Group, will use the investment to improve the performance of their web applications, in an effort to ensure timely and consistent website experiences for customers.

Both Cosmos and Monarch Airlines are deploying Empirix’s e-TEST suite product to test new web applications, including those delivering up-to-the-minute news, holiday and flight deals and online booking.

The two companies will also use Empirix’s managed testing service, e-LoadExpert, to speed performance testing and web applications scalability under heavy user load, to ensure that transactions are completed quickly and accurately. In an e-LoadExpert engagement, Empirix professional services staff use e-TEST suite to simulate hundreds of thousands of concurrent users, executing real business transactions to analyse the performance of Web applications under high traffic volume. During the test, the team also monitors the performance of back-end application infrastructure to identify bottlenecks and help tune application performance.

Laurie Diffey, Monarch Group head of IT development said: “The web is still the fastest growing distribution channel, and critically important to both the business and our customers. When browsing a website or making a booking we all expect the process to be seamless and stress-free.

“The methodical way in which Empirix execute their test scripts ensures that bottlenecks can be identified whilst still within the development lifecycle. It has consistently demonstrated its ability to identify unforeseen issues, which can be addressed and resolved ahead of implementation. This testing has been a major factor in improving reliability, performance and confidence in our web sites.”