The Opus hotel in Vancouver has become the first hotel to ditch traditional room phones for Apple’s iPhones and tablets.

The hotel lets visitors take the iPhone with them wherever they go throughout their stay, with the belief that most visitors from the US will appreciate being able to use a Canadian phone to eliminate roaming charges and overseas calls.

The iPhones are programmed with the hotel department’s contact numbers, and when each guest leaves, an application wipes the phone of all information to protect visitors’ privacy.

The Opus hotel already has an iPad 2 installed in every room, which comes equipped with an iPad Virtual Concierge, and can also be taken out around the city.

Guests can have a personally selected collection and music and books downloaded onto the iPad by a lifestyle concierge.

"Technology is a way of life today, not just a perk, and that holds true even while travelling,” said Nicholas Gandossi, Opus Vancouver’s general manager.