Working with National Grid Wireless, Intel Solutions Services and Pipex Wireless Warwick District Council will take part in the UK’s second commercial WiMAX trial.

The trial will involve three sites in the Leamington Spa and Warwick area, and will deliver products including; leased line replacement, voice over internet protocol, home workers broadband and dedicated broadband connectivity using WiMAX.

As the UK’s first wireless solutions provider to launch WiMAX services - with Milton Keynes currently being implemented - Pipex Wireless intends to initially deliver trial services to Warwick District Council and subsequently approach businesses and home-users in the Warwick area. The trial network will be commissioned in the second quarter of this year and will run for six months. Other towns and cities are planned for deployment later in 2007.

High-speed broadband will be delivered over Airspan’s HiperMAX WiMAX base stations, one of which will be located at the National Grid Wireless’ headquarters in southern Warwick. Intel is working with the council providing support for the introduction of wireless and other technologies, and evaluating performance.

Chris Elliott, Warwick District Council chief executive said: "Attracting the latest wireless broadband and voice services to the area is great news. We are looking to make the District a technologically advanced area to live and do business in.”