Probably the most trite enterprise technology predictions for the past few years has been the upcoming down of mobile. Here we take a look at what we heard on the ground from business technology leaders about mobile devices and BYOD.

"I encourage all my competitors to adopt BYOD as fast as possible."
GlaxoSmithKline CIO Daniel Lebeau

"Mobile is a tool that helps us be more efficient as we grow, so we can keep the same number of staff but look after more properties. The engagement is going to be a lot easier."
Peabody IT director Martin Carpenter

Wiggle CIO Mark Dermody

"I expect us to develop for the tablet first very soon. We already have a good conversion rate on the tablet."
Wiggle CIO Mark Dermody

"Our primary corporate mobile device was BlackBerry, which is probably the best mobile and email device in the world - but it doesn't necessarily fit all of our needs."
Cushman & Wakefield CIO John McKeown

"Business-savvy CIOs are in a fantastic position to make transformation through mobility happen."
Myron Hrycyk

"We've got critical business services that we can't afford to be without for that length of time. So I think there's a place for BYOD, but I think it's a secondary device and I think we need to look at the business case very carefully."
Transport for London CIO Steve Townsend

"We support all BYOD – staff can log on to a VPN with a four-digit pin. We allow all access to corporate email although we have to have the ability to remote wipe the device. But we have completely weaned ourselves off BlackBerry."
News UK CIO and COO Christ Taylor

JJ van Oosten

"Bring your own device is something I am fully behind. When I joined my desk had a printer and every desk had a printer, I got rid of that policy and it has saved money."
Former Travis Perkins CIO JJ van Oosten

"You either let people use what they want, or restrict them to tools you choose that don't let them be competitive in the marketplace."
Goolge CIO Ben Fried

"BYOD is kind of enabled and we can control the devices and the employees sign up to that. We are also providing more PC choice so that there are more devices available, I now have a Mac, this follows the typical feedback of 'I have a better computer at home than I have in the office'."
GE CIO Neil Dyke

Former HMRC CIO Mark Hall

"Over the coming months we will be trialling and ultimately deploying a range of devices to support new working practices in HMRC. We are looking at areas where we can introduce mobile working and paperless meetings. Therefore, devices will potentially range from conventional and hybrid laptops through to tablets."
Former HMRC CIO Mark Hall

"We're going to do BYOD but let's make sure we've got all the controls in place first or mayhem could break out."
Kingston NHS Trust IT director Anthony Brewer

"Going mobile added to the bottom line straight away which gave me kudos in the boardroom."
SThree CIO Lance Fisher

"Nobody works from a desk anymore, so remote working is the norm, not a burden."
Ikea CIO Paulo Cinelli