The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has officially made ‘wiki’ a recognised word in the English language.

Joining a small but distinguished group of words which are directly or ultimately borrowings into English from Hawaiian, wiki which means “quick” in its native language, nowadays has come to refer to the collaborative networking tool popularised by the internet.

Wikipedia is now the most famous example of a wiki, allowing contributors to create encyclopaedia definitions that can be updated and rated by others in real time. But wikis are becoming increasingly widespread at enterprise level, where they are often used to facilitate wider project management and audit capabilities.

Graeme Diamond, OED principal editor of new words said it was fitting the term should be accepted by organisation. “It has been suggested that in some ways the OED itself resembles a wiki: its long tradition of working on collaborative principles means it has welcomed the contribution of information and quotation evidence from the public for over 150 years,” he said.

The word was among 287 new entries into the dictionary in this latest round of revisions. Other IT related terms also included were ‘technopreneur’, ‘virtualize’, 'malware', 'undelete' and ‘HDTV’.