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Windows 10 smartphones are being embraced by Acer, with the Taiwanese company hoping to bring a seamless transition across its range of phones, tablets and PCs running the upcoming Microsoft operating system.

Acer marketing manager Wahid Razali said at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona that the company plans to launch more Windows 10 smartphones as it looks to create a consistent user experience. Unlike its predecessor Windows 8.1, the new OS makes it easier to share content and use the same applications across the range of Windows devices.

Acer has mainly offered Android smartphones in the past, but Windows 10 has made it rethink that strategy. It's one of the only PC makers that can offer Windows on tablets, laptops and smartphones, which makes adoption of the OS on handsets an easy decision, Razali said.

However, Acer's first Windows handset, announced yesterday, uses Windows Phone 8.1. The Liquid M220, priced starting at $89 in the US, is a 3G smartphone that can be upgraded to Windows 10 when the OS is released by Microsoft later this year. The phone has a 4-inch screen, 4GB of storage, 512MB of RAM and two SIM slots.

Acer will offer Windows 10 handsets in a range of price points and screen sizes, Razali said. The company did not provide a timeline for those plans, but devices could come later this year. Other companies making handsets with Windows Phone include HTC, Samsung and Microsoft's Nokia unit.