Construction and services company, Wolseley UK has invested in business continuity and disaster recovery services with a new three-year contract.

The deal with provider, Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) for an undisclosed sum will enable Wolseley to choose the method of recovery most appropriate for an IT disaster or failure at the time it occurs, whether it is a computer room power failure, loss of access to premises, hardware failure or any other potential event.

NDR will provide a range of disaster recovery options, including mobile recovery units, off-load of equipment to a customer location, remote connectivity or re-location to one of its business recovery centres. A large portion of Wolseley UK’s critical IT has already undergone a successful disaster recovery test with NDR. Further testing is to follow in April and June next year.

Brian Hudson, business continuity consultant at Wolseley UK said it was the flexible of the recovery options available, to choose the right type of recovery at the right time, that led to its decision to outsource this operation.

“This flexibility is what allows a company to be the best prepared it can be in the event of a disaster,” said Hudson. “We never know what’s around the corner, but by considering what may be affected – including access to our premises whether caused by flood or exclusion zones; failure of a critical server, whether hardware problem or power outage; or communications problems to our datacentre, whether internal or external – we can identify critical areas that will need a backup plan.”

As the UK operating company of Wolseley plc, Wolseley UK trades under brands such as Plumb Center, Build Center and Bathstore. The NDR contract will cover its 1,800 branches nationwide, four major distribution centres and offices at Leamington Spa and Ripon.