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Ian Cox

Some inconvenient truths

Ian Cox is a Research Director with Gartner's CIO research team. Prior to joining Gartner, he worked as an independent advisor to boards and executives across a range of industries covering subjects including strategy, digital transformation, and the role of the CIO and IT. Ian is a former member of the CIO 100 and is the author of two books, Digital Uncovered and Disrupt IT.

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    The end of multi-year projects?

    CIOs have a key role to play in new dynamic markets and must enable their business to operate at the speed of digital - and to do so they may have to think about putting an end to multi-year technology projects, writes Ian Cox.

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    The fog of an IT implementation

    The fog of war uncertainty and confusion during a military conflict makes it difficult for leaders to get a precise view of what is happening on the ground - but with good comms and relationships a similar fog in IT implementations and projects can be mitigated.

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    Can the EU become a leader in AI technology?

    Europe already falls behind the US and Asia in terms of investment into AI. Alistair Maughan writes that failure to invest adequately in AI could risk the EU becoming primarily a consumer of solutions developed elsewhere – as has already proved to be the case for digital goods and services.

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    GDPR: Time to make that change

    Having done the hard work of identifying what changes are necessary, it's now important to work out how to make those changes and to make sure that the changes get implemented at the right time, writes Alistair Maughan for CIO UK.

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    Potholes Ahead - the EU's Plans for Reform in 2018

    Alistair Maughan looks at the EU's 'Work Programme' and some of the key legislative issues and proposals that could impact on organisations in 2018 including 5G networking, cyber security, artificial intlelligence and the fight against 'fake news'

Matt Ballantine

Digital Devolution

Former head of IT at brand marketing specialists Imagination, Matt Ballantine looks at how the new wave of consumerised, commoditised technologies is devolving decision making outside of the CIO estate into other business functions - and how this trickles down to the end-user.

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Jerry Fishenden

Political Debate

The public sector can revolutionise the way it operates and the services it offers tax payers. Former specialist adviser to the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee, NHS IT Director and Microsoft UK CTO Jerry Fishenden explores how.

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Ian Cohen

The Disruptive CIO

Former JLT Group and Associated Newspapers CIO turned Digital Advisor, Ian Cohen looks at the nature of disruption and examines what the explosion of data, the impact of social and the emergence of hyperconnectivity will mean for business and technology leaders.

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Mike Altendorf

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    Six tips to improve your use of passwords

    Hacking has remained a challenge for CIOs. In recent years customers from large organisations such as Linkedin, Apple iCloud and Adobe have seen engineers failing to protect users from the risk of security breach. Here are six ways to improve your use of passwords.

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    Is France a Safe Harbour for European Data?

    Anybody interested in knowing where European data can legally be stored should keep an eye on France. In July 2015 - six months after the January Charlie Hébdo attacks - French lawmakers passed legislation that allows French secret service agencies to perform electronic eavesdropping without a warrant. All government spies have to do is get approval from the French prime minister. Then they can look at your data without your knowledge.

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Catherine Stagg-Macey

Coaching tips

Catherine Stagg-Macey has spent more than 20 years in the technology and insurance sectors. She has experience in a wide range of roles from programmer, project manager, leader and strategy advisor. In her last role at Celent, she established and lead the European Insurance practice. Passionate about people, she retrained as a coach and now runs her own business offering executive and team coaching, workshops and facilitation to the technology industry. She also has advisory roles with a handful of organisations, as is a mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation.

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Adam Thilthorpe

BCS CIO blog

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, director of professionalism Adam Thilthorpe raises awareness of the changes in the profession; its challenges and the opportunities.

Adam has taken over the BCS CIO blog from David Clarke, who transformed BCS into the customer-service oriented professional body for the IT and Communications profession. The Institute has grown its membership to over 70,000, and is one of the world's largest IT examination institutes, running more than 30,000 examinations a month around the world.

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Freeform Dynamics

Free Thinking

Insight and background analysis by the analyst house Freeform Dynamics. This blog adds additional colour to the reports and data collated by the UK based analysts.

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Richard Sykes

Richard Sykes

Leading CIOs

Former ICI CIO Richard Sykes looks at the trends affecting his former peers with a particular interest in leadership, outsourcing and cloud based technologies.

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    The new HP Enterprise – ecosytem broker?

    The more that an enteprise builds its operations around services sourced from the cloud, the more that it will come to exploit a diversity of ICT capabilities provided by a diversity of suppliers – an ecosystem.

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    The contemporary CIO is already the CEO?

    An enterprise that is well advanced in its journey ‘into the cloud’ and into the world of the mobile smart ‘phone, will be building its operations on well-selected platform(s) (hybrid most likely) that support a growing variety of (sourced) Services and Apps – an ecosystem of capabilities specifically tuned to delivering the performance objectives of the enterprise.

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    A Cloud Masterclass

    The best approach a business can take in scoping the challenge & the opportunity of the cloud is to work its in-house resources

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  • Mark Chillingworth

    CIOs must be information leaders

    Too often job specs or even descriptions by CIOs themselves are heavily weighted towards technology implementation, rather than information curation and distribution.

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    Strategy not cuts needed from Home Secretary

    For ministers to just wield another round of cuts without devising a new vision and strategy for how policing will work in the near and medium term future is short sighted and offensive.

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Chaida Kapfunde

Chaida Kapfunde

Digital webs

Head of IT at a London-based leader in the digital gift card and voucher industry, Chaida Kapfunde writes about web technology, digital trends and the implications of IT policy and regulatory reforms.

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    The paradox of abandoning net neutrality

    March 12, 2014 marked the 25th birthday of the internet. If you were fortunate enough to miss its pre-teenage years of dial-up, you may well fail to appreciate how the up-shift in speed and continuous availability of the internet has changed how we all communicate, interact and exchange multi-media on demand.

Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch Autonomy Founder

An exclusive and very personal discussion on the role of technology in modern business and life by the UK’s most successful and significant software company founder, Mike Lynch founder of Autonomy

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  • HP

    Mike Lynch's open letter to the HP shareholders

    As you are aware, Hewlett Packard remains locked in dispute with a group of its own shareholders and with the former management team of Autonomy over its purchase of Autonomy. I write to you today to raise serious concerns about the way HP has conducted this affair, and to put forward a number of questions that HP management should answer.

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    The world of 2017, according to Mike Lynch

    The urge to make predictions is inevitable at this time of year but I am going out on a limb - rather than make a forecast for next year, I am going to look even deeper into my crystal ball and make some suggestions for what we might consider to be standard technology in five years’ time.

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