If you are in the majority of people who "Google", you've probably already seen the invitation to download the beta of the Google "Chrome" "browser" – launched hot on the heels of beta 2 of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. ComputerWorldUK has a good article on the subject.

I'd like to be able to make deeply philosophical pronouncements on the subject, but I can't! One thing's for sure, 'though, our IT environment is changing fast, consistent with my view that IT and the web are becoming one and the same.

I finally finished my latest batch of awards judging, today. That's one intensive activity I won't miss too much, come the end of my Socitm Presidential term!

However, I have been privileged to read quite a few interesting and innovative ideas and I've discussed, with Geoff, holding an in-house workshop to review the best ideas to see which we can emulate. I'd also like to involve one or two Socitm colleagues to consider what learning and best practice the Society can promote for its membership.

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