A reporter from Computer Weekly tried to contact me, last week, for views on an article that she was preparing. I'm unsure what my response would have been; I don't think Newham IT workers are bullied, although it's certainly true that work pressures mount-up from time-to-time.

At her last appraisal interview, I started by apologising to Joye (my PA) for being "a bit grumpy" from time-to-time. "Oh, that's OK", she said, "I can tell when you're feeling hassled, and learned not to bother you too much". Is that bullying? I do hope not!

Bob Heaton hosted a meeting of Piers, Alf, John Tunney (who has been working with us on property matters) and I with the CEO and Operations Director from Telecity Group to discuss the Data Centre project. All seems extremely positive, and we agreed a number of activities that hopefully will enable us to form "heads of agreement" within a few weeks.

Later, I met, again, with Piers & Alf, and also James Lee, from SNT Group, for a Newham Telecommunications Project update. The planned "Public Sector Mobile Portal" (PSMP) was among the items discussed. This will provide access via mobile 'phones to a wealth of real-time information such as travel updates. TfL (Transport for London) are co-funding. The plan is to launch in Newham, but next year to roll-out London-wide.

Otherwise, we discussed the 4-page summary being prepared for the Mayor, and a possible new approach to network infrastructure procurement given that it is now less urgent for Building 1000 as we have already installed a robust solution based on microwave. We decided to establish a team to further consider and take forward this matter. I subsequently briefed Geoff, as he will need to supervise from hereon in.

A further slant on data quality issues, with which I concur! "Don't blame IT for dirty

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