Newham's ICT Stakeholder Group met this morning, at Stratford Old Town Hall, but attendance was disappointing. The agenda included Strategic drivers, the Data Quality Review, security in the wake of the HMRC debacle, Building 1000 issues and flexible working. Future meetings will be held at Building 1000 and diarised well in advance.

In the afternoon I attended the IP Telco World 2008 Conference, at the QE II conference Centre, where I joined a discussion panel on network convergence. I felt the debate was rooted too much in what's already being achieved – voice over IP on fixed infrastructures, rather than the vision of convergence of all media on fixed and wireless networks.

However, the other panellists and audience were mostly suppliers and network operators, technically much more qualified than I. Two of the issues they worry about seem to be capacity of fibre networks at aggregation points, as video transmission really takes-off, and network time lag.

My simplistic view is that if capacity is limited we will, at worst, be no worse off than we are now, but am optimistic that technical developments will keep pace and also that, now all communications will be digital, we should look to those with expertise in large-scale data processing operations, like Amazon, who have already cracked many of the problems.

Actually I wonder if part of the problem is that telecommunications and data processing professions need, also, to converge.