The keynote session was from Charlie Bell of Amazon.

The thing that struck me most in this, and a number of the other sessions during the conference, is the stupendous scale and complexity of global trading systems. In October 2007, Amazon's average transaction rate was 27,601 per second!

...and the sophistication of new consumer software. I previously mentioned "Photosynth", which I can't wait to get my hands on. Now, check-out "Animoto". This application analyses your images and sets them to music in a video!

Charlie Bell was followed by Behrooz Chitsaz of Microsoft Research. Some bullet points:

Terrabyte of storage will be on your lap-top in the next 3-5 years. You can store everything that you say in a lifetime.

Trends include multi/many core CPUs, Graphics 3x growth per year, storage 2x, networking 4x.

Nanotechnology is the key to continued growth; we are reaching the limit at which magnetic fields become unstable – nano-pattern discs are the answer.

Ubiquitous connectivity – wireless.

Some links, related to the presentation that are worth checking-out...

http://research.microsoft.com/nlp/Projects/MindNet.aspx (See, also, Hybrid Machine Translation.)




The future of system management is being inspired by the human genome project – and will initially enable self-healing computers by, for example, identifying incorrect or corrupt registry keys.

Personalised medicine is expected to enable 10 to 30 year extensions in lifespan!

Tuesday night’s dinner was in the Columbia Tower Club at the top of Seattle’s tallest building (76th floor). Great views!