This week's home working day.

Since my appeal, last week, for a glossary of Identity Management terms, I've received just that from the Public Sector Infrastructure Team Employee Authentication Team, working group on employee authentication, and a paper with some definitions from the DCLG/DCSF community of interest working group on employee authentication.

They don't quite align, but there is cross-representation between the groups, and I've been assured that they will do. Actually, I sit on both groups, but I struggle to make meetings that are often arranged at short notice.

Meantime, I read that "in a few weeks companies are to be asked for their bids to provide a finger-print based identity card system".

James Hall, chief executive of the identity and passport service, told the Financial Times: "We hope to be starting the procurement process very shortly." While pointing out that the first ID card scheme would use simpler fingerprint recognition technology, he said: "If in due course we want to move to a second biometric, iris would be the obvious place to go".

The ICT Council, at its last meeting, asked me about Health and Safety aspects of wireless technology in connection with our proposed use in the new corporate back-office accommodation.

I got some advice from our Assistant Head of HR (health and safety) and circulated it to the ICT council members. However, this is a matter that is clearly going to crop-up more often as we push ahead with wireless technologies, and which we will continue to take seriously – especially as we exploit newer, less well-known technologies like WiMax.