I had what I thought was to be a scheduled regular meeting with the general manager of Caboodle Solutions, our joint-venture IT services company, of which I am a director, only to be informed he is leaving.

Hmmm – we need to think hard about ensuring greater continuity and stability for its staff and all other stakeholders.

Then attended two project board meetings before lunch with the Head of Public Realm.

Cancelled the portfolio management meeting because half of them were away!

I met our new web marketing manager to talk about the development of He is a Kiwi with experience of project managing a city-wide wireless network in Christchurch. We talked about proposed developments of and its positioning with regard to and how it can benefit from the integrated network infrastructure that's planned - especially as the landing page for wireless networking.

I have long had ambitions for greater exploitation of our ownership of Newham domain names and our web presence, and I was pleased to find that he already has some exciting ideas and am looking forward to working with him.