The Portfolio Manager for our Crime & ASB Service, organised a meeting with its Management Team, which I attended with her, to discuss their business system requirements. The core requirement is for a Case Management system, of which there are many to choose from.

The present system hasn't been reviewed to take into account the new service clustering, is several software revision s out-of-date and has data quality issues. An opportunity, therefore, is to thoroughly review requirements, also taking into account corporate strategy and information sharing requirements, to optimise the use of the ICT infrastructure.

As we discussed their needs with each manager, it was increasingly apparent that the relatively complex web of relationships with other Council services will require detailed process mapping before a thorough specification of requirements can be established.

We therefore agreed a twin-track approach of tactical upgrades to the present system to address the most obvious deficiencies enabling more effective utilisation, whilst commissioning a detailed business process review of strategic requirements for the long-term solution.