It seems that Socitm has been barking-up the wrong tree with all this Web 2.0 stuff.

We have it on the highest authority – Sir Neville-Kingdom GCMG KCVO, no less. – has taken the trouble to put us right in his own Blog. Clearly, Socitm Insight would do well to follow the example of our venerable leader , and KISS.

Sir Bonar forgot to link to the stuff he was complaining about. (Well, he is getting on a bit.) So, here it is…

Aside from the light entertainment provided by Sir Bonar, my day was characterised by frustration, and that "one step forward, two steps back" feeling provoked, on this occasion, by misunderstandings and tiredness. Halfway through my Socitm Presidency, I'm becoming consumed with thoughts of how much remains to be done, and how little time there is to do it!

However, I managed to clear a week's correspondence backlog, and write this month's President's Report. I also spent a lot of time on the 'phone in discussion of potential developments that I hope to be able to report soon.

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