Piers and Alf briefed me on progress with the 2012/ Convergence Project. Among the exciting opportunities that appear to be opening-up is potential working with partners on the redevelopment of the Bridge Road Depot site. More anon…

In a recent exchange of e-mails with the Acting Chief Executive, concerning ICT Strategy, he suggested that, for our 10th Strategic Principle, I draft something embodying "the blurring of the edges of the working day…", which I thought spot-on. Here is my first attempt. I'll be happy to receive feedback.

"The Council recognises that the impact of technology is changing the employment paradigm, and it's changing fast. It espouses an approach to the exploitation of ICT that supports flexible working practices - both for business efficiency and to encourage a harmonious work-life balance - that is consistent with the evolution of Council ICT from an organisational to a community asset.

“The growing integration of personal, social and business computing is a key factor, and the strategy will therefore seek to accommodate and nurture change, provided that ICT usage accords with the Council's moral and legal requirements, and productivity is not compromised."

Bob Heaton and I met with Microsoft's Rich Gwyther, Sarah Donegan and Ged Hickman to introduce him to the new Account Management and discuss our partnership moving forward.

A number of strategic initiatives are in-hand, including identification of where there may be mismatches between our capabilities and the capabilities required to deliver effective services to the business – "Heat Mapping" on a Red, Amber, Green basis.

We are also working on the final outstanding element of our original Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – the benchmarking of our service against other UK and European Councils, which, I hope, will form the starting point for an Infrastructure Optimisation project designed to ensure we remain a flagship Council for ICT innovation and business efficiency.

Ged will work closely with me on our longer-term strategy - as part of which we will be developing personas relating to our various community stakeholders and mapping how we expect their engagement in, and support from, ICT to develop over time – as a basis of consultation and agreement – enabling us to reach consensus on planning and management of expectations.

With Rich, we will be developing a new MOU as a basis for driving the next phase of our partnership forward – an important feature of which is expected to be broader Executive engagement with our businesses.

Following that meeting, I had a short one-to-one with Bob. Among the topics we discussed is the agreement of a time-limited "Executive Assistant" (working title!) role working with me to assist in a number of areas but, particularly, to ensure I have sufficient time to fully meet my responsibilities, next year, as SOCITM's President.