Today turned-out to be a day of Tele-Conferencing!

I met, this morning, with colleagues from Legal and HR, and Geoff and Shane by phone from their homes (Geoff was actually on holiday) and our opposite numbers from Steria, to discuss the winding-up of Caboodle and the TUPE transfer of its staff. We agreed that this will be completed by 31 March, and will brief Caboodle staff on the position - and commence consultation on their transfer - next week to ensure they are not left with worries over the seasonal holiday.

We also agreed required actions and responsibilities prior to a board meeting to formally wind-up the company in early March. At this stage, the only concern is in an apparent pension funding shortfall that has to be made good.

At lunchtime Greenwich CIO, Henri Reinbolt, and I teleconferenced with David Sward, a "User Experience Strategist" from Intel in Dublin. David has done some interesting work on "Measuring the Business Value of IT", which contends both that IT is a "Value Centre", not a Cost Centre, and that all of our traditional measures of IT performance and efficiency are of little value or interest to our customers. IT's business value has to be defined by the customer.

David has written on the subject; which Henri and I are interested in developing as a professional development stream, possibly under the auspices of SOCITM. We agreed to meet to further explore the possibilities early in the New Year.

Later, I teleconferenced with the SOCITM President, who is now back from her travels, and the other two Vice-Presidents to brief them on KPMG's process. There are a number of emerging issues for us to address, but the good news was that "SOCITM is well-placed to take a positive role in delivering the Government's IT Professionalism agenda".

There is good public perception, and people were proud of their association with SOCITM; people see networking, sharing information and best practice as positive reasons to belong to SOCITM, and are pleased with its policy role – seeing "providing a single voice" for government and industry as a valuable service. We'll "meet" again, next week, to finalise arrangements for the Planning and Urgency Group, and extraordinary meeting of the National Council, scheduled for 11 January.