Geoff and I attended our monthly Savings Review meeting with Steve Swayne. Our Star Chamber commitments are generally on-course, although a lot depend upon the relocation to Building 1000, so we are dependent on that overall programme remaining on schedule.

Examples are "reducing the ration of PCs to staff", "replacing all printers, copiers and FAX machines with networked multi-function devices" and "moving telephony over entirely to VOIP". We were additionally asked to demonstrate the cost-efficiency of our Microsoft contract, and find £60k of revenue savings to replace capital savings achieved in 2007/8 in future years!

I held a progress review with Rich Gwyther, our Microsoft Account Manager. We discussed whether we can achieve the switch to Vista as we move to Building 1000, from July, which was my aim. Rich will arrange for Mike Dixon to advise us before we confirm the decision.

We discussed new licensing requirements to accommodate the expected new modes of working, such as virtualisation, and incorporating technology such as Digital Rights Management (DRM) and agreed to arrange a workshop to develop the requirements and business case. Microsoft is also considering new licensing options for disadvantaged citizens, which we would likely be keen to explore.

Later, I met with Steve Pennant, Chief Executive of London Connects (and still seconded from Newham!) to discuss developing the relationship with Socitm.

The London Connects future is uncertain, with pan-London bodies such as Capital Ambition and the London Centre of Excellence planned to be incorporated into London Councils under the Capital Ambition moniker. London ICT Heads would like London Connects to remain independent, and it has a full work programme and funding available for 2008/9, so it's likely it will be able to remain so in the medium term. That would provide ample time to discuss potential synergies and partnership with Socitm that could support long-term survival but, in the meantime, there is apparently an immediate opportunity for London Connects to maintain and develop Socitm's web-site.

This is among our targets for early improvement. For example, London Connects already provides membership administration and booking facilities for the London branch, which I would like to extend nationally. Other services, currently run by London Connects, such as the Choice service for 14-19 year olds, could be extended nationally by working with Socitm?