I'm a bit of a "petrol-head" and a great fan of Jeremy Clarkson – and amused, even, by his outrageous anti-green agenda, but I was even more amused at his comeuppance, last week, after the twit published his bank account details.

Adrian Hancock's entry in SOCITM's GovX pages linked the other story to catch my attention, this week. I have a great deal of sympathy with Matthew Parris's views about change.

These days the "change" word is used as if it were an adjective that's interchangeable with "excellent", or "better", rather than a verb that denotes the transition between one state and another. The fact is that change has become a way of life for us, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily desirable or a good thing. Government transformation plans should focus on making our systems effective, rather than constant change for change's sake. I may make this the theme for my Socitm Presidential year!