I usually start my Saturday mornings in bed with a cup of tea catching-up on the World's news in "The Week". In its "briefing" section, last week's edition included, I thought, a quite good article on identity.

Microsoft's Jerry Fishenden was quoted, which prompted me to start a correspondence with him to clarify his views on the national ID Card debate, as his quote in the article could be taken to be anti. As it happens, Geoff is out in Redmond, discussing identity management with various Government people, and their Microsoft hosts include Jerry.

We have agreed to meet soon to continue our discussions but, essentially, the reason that Jerry's quote, which is an old one, appeared ambivalent is 'it's the raw emotive politics of whether ID cards are "right" or "wrong" that he has been trying to avoid. Unfortunately it's hard to say anything in this space without both anti and pro advocates interpreting it in whatever way they want!'

I met Rich Gwyther and Sarah Donegan to discuss the renewal of our ESC (Enterprise Strategy Consultancy) contract. I am convinced that this is well worth the investment, but its renewal is obviously a good checkpoint for benefits achieved versus costs. These will be spelt-out in a renewal proposal for the approval of Bob.