We discussed training and ICT literacy requirements for home-based workers at this morning's ICT Portfolio Management meeting. It had already been suggested to me that we needed something about training and skills requirements in the Council's ICT Strategic principles.

As a result I have now drafted the following, which is intended to be the final amendment before the principles go to the Board for sign-off.

"The Council recognises that any modern organisation depends upon the effective deployment of ICT for the conduct of its business. "Computer literacy" is no longer an optional extra!

The Council expects its commitment to the provision of effective ICT training and support to be matched by the commitment of all personnel to ensure they are fully equipped to exploit the ICT infrastructure and systems provided, in accordance with the Council's policy and procedures."

Other items discussed at the Portfolio Management meeting included:

  • Lead roles in negotiation of SLAs for ICT as customer
  • My attendance at Customer Management Team meetings in support of Portfolio Managers (prioritising customers who have not yet signed a Partnership Agreement with us)
  • Incentivising good customer service. We are introducing some sort of award for the ICT staff member nominated by Portfolio Managers for having provided the best customer service, each month. (Portfolio managers will also be able to nominate one member of the ICT staff to receive customer care training, each month, if they consider it necessary!)
  • Portfolio Managers to resume "ICT Open Day" visits for customers
  • One Portfolio Manager to present at Team Talk, each month, on the issues faced by his or her customer(s) and how ICT can help