The EU has announced a project to enable cross-border electronic identification. The UK Authority article doesn't say whether the UK is participating, and the link to the Commission's announcement didn't work for me.

Perhaps you'll have better luck? (The question is answered on Computerworld UK here Editor)

Today, I am again working from home. I prepare a presentation – Web & ICT – now indistinguishable? – for my slot at Public Sector Forum's Web Event in Birmingham, on Thursday.

I want to set-up a Tag Cloud for my Blog, and go to "ZoomClouds” and after a short time playing have a tag cloud. Some of the tags seem a bit odd and some that I'd expect to see are not there, but apparently the Cloud will learn and get better over time. Now all I need to do is get it copied to one (or more) of my Blog sites!

I also drafted my first monthly report to Socitm members for inclusion in our next newsletter. I'll be producing these following each board meeting.

There is some correspondence about the Socitm Conference agenda, which we need to get ready for the publishers at the end of this week. Having now been looked after very well, myself, at three overseas conferences, I'm keen, also, to understand how we'll host our international guests.

I started work on setting-up the National Advisory Council, and wrote to Regional Chairs with proposed arrangements, and inviting nominations for their regional representatives.

At the end of the day it felt like I'd done a lot, but I hardly scratched the surface of my "to do" list, and most of the rest of my week will be in meetings…