Half Term. My calendar was miraculously cleared, and I not only got up-straight with e-mail, but also made significant inroads to my outstanding task list!

On Monday I joined senior CYPS (Children & Young People) management for a meeting with the Mayor to discuss their ICT investment and development proposals. Sir Robin has continuing concerns about data quality and systems integration, and whether these would be adequately addressed by the various projects. He therefore reserved his decision until the end of week to enable time for further reflection.

ComputerWorld carried an article about the "13 future mobile technologies that will change your life". Disruption no. 1? Mobile WiMax.

On Tuesday I met with Alf & Piers for our regular review of the Network Convergence project. I met some representatives of Pipex (which has embarked upon a nationwide roll-out of WiMax) in Belfast, who are interested in our plans, and arranging a follow-up meeting in Newham.

Umair updated me on the DCSF (Department for Children, Schools & Families) Working Group he has been attending to discuss identity management for Contact Point. It seems one of the main concerns is managing access by temporary staff. For example, at what point will credentials be withdrawn in case of absence? How can we ensure that temporary employees have been CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked?

On Wednesday I attended the ACC (Adults Culture and Community) Management Team meeting for a presentation by imPower of a short study of how well its programme of work is structured to support the delivery of its priorities. It flagged-up a number of issues, which are as likely to apply in most other Council services, and serves as a timely checkpoint as we prepare to take the programme forward.