The SIAG (Socitm Information Age Government) Group met this morning. Its agenda included a presentation on "Tell US Once" from Nicholas Harvey, of the DWP, on the Data Handling Review, from Mark Brett and the LGA's (Local Government Association's) Jonathan Evans, Mark's update on the National Information Assurance Strategy and Simon Norbury's update on Government Connect progress.

The minutes will, of course be available to members via the web-site within the next week.

I spoke about the urgent review work with Activity Stream Leads. I am keen for Socitm to become the lead on policy development. Although, to date, great work has been done in research and agenda-setting by Socitm, this has never resulted in documented policy, to which we, our membership and stakeholders, can refer that clearly sets-out our position on any matters. It's essential that we now address this deficiency.

I am delighted to say that the Socitm Consulting Management Team responded to the requirements that Adrian and I put to them, two weeks ago, with a proposal that addressed all of our points, in the timescale asked-for and providing the basis for a much more productive relationships from both our points of view.

At a meeting, this afternoon, we again met to discuss the details, supported by David Houston who has provided free advisory support on behalf of Socitm affiliates.

We will document the heads of agreement, this week, with a view to then circulating the details to Socitm board members, and our recommendation that the new arrangements be endorsed at the board meeting of 22nd May, for implementation from 1st June. Once we have undertaken "due diligence" and achieved board approval of the new arrangements I will provide a fuller briefing to Socitm's membership.