On Thursday I sat-in on part of an excellent Work Shop to plan the configuration and roll-out of SharePoint in conjunction with the move to Building 1000, and to consider supporting policy requirements.

One of the local government news-feeds, this week, sign-posted a BBC article entitled "Turn-off e-mail and do some work".

Unfortunately, I hear this ridiculous advice proffered more and more often these days. I'm with Alan Elliot, on this...

"Instead of bringing e-mail to a grinding halt at the end of the week - which of course just means that most of Monday is wasted catching up - companies need to educate their staff on the appropriate use and management of e-mail," said Alan Elliot, director of business development of e-mail specialists Mirapoint.

"Depicting e-mail as some kind of resource-draining monster that we'd all be better off without wilfully ignores the realities of the modern business world," he said.