Towards the end of a lazy weekend, I was TV channel-hopping when I happened on a programme about Madonna – and she is 50. I checked the Internet, and so is the Barbie Doll! So, my Quiz Team was robbed on Byte Night, and I didn't let them down as I was led to believe. There's no justice in this world!

I see that the Government is halting flexitime reforms in response to the economic crisis, which is a pity. I can understand that the administration of such changes could represent a significant additional load, especially on hard-pressed small businesses but, in the longer term, I'm convinced flexible working arrangements will support greater efficiency.

I was interviewed, at the DCSF offices in Great Smith Street, as part of an OGC Gateway Review of the Employee Authentication Services project. This contributed to Gate 1 & 2 reviews. There were 3 reviewers (all from outside the DCSF). Once I got to the meeting (I was late being directed to it as the person I was told to ask for was on leave, and no-one had told the Reception staff I was expected) I enjoyed the discussion, which was my first experience of the OGC Gateway process – and it gave me the opportunity to expound my views about pan-Government security vision and a single Government Security infrastructure!

Since the conference, 'though, I feel like I've entered one of those phases in life when one is running just to stay still – on top of which I've another 171 Competition entries to judge in the next week. Maybe it wasn't such a great idea to take the weekend off!