Following my monthly one-to-one with Bob, I had a meeting with the Head of Crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) and his Performance and Improvement Manager to discuss their use of public protection systems.

We agreed to establish terms of reference for a review of Council systems against their requirements specification. They currently have Flare, but it is not well-used, and other services are converging on Caps Uniform.

Crime and ASB want to embed effective use of its business system. As a Council we want to ensure our services are as joined-up as possible, which implies greater commonality of systems, but we must, of course, ensure that they are fit for purpose in the individual businesses we support.

We also discussed the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system that we provide to Crime and ASB, and I acknowledged that its reliability had been inadequate. We are taking steps to address the shortcomings in our support, and will offer much higher availability commitments in our next partnership Agreement.

The Resources Management Team met in the afternoon. There was lots of discussion on taking our Star Chamber actions forward, and feedback from last week's Members' Away Day to discuss strategic priorities for next year.

The Head of Community and Customer Relations came to outline and discuss his report on "Improving Customer Response", which was agreed by the Newham Executive Board (NEB). This root and branch review is linked to the merger of Local Service Centres and Libraries. The top ten priority areas for business process review will be agreed by NEB.