I worked at home. Among the updated strategy proposals that are long overdue from me is the Community ICT Strategy. We have an ICT in the Community Group chaired by Newham's Head of Social Regeneration, which I haven't attended for a while.

The most recent minutes note that there has been little activity in the Local Issues Forum recently, that dialogue on the future of the forum and how it interacts with other schemes was suggested and “a conceptual re-launch” is needed. I noted, however, that our Young People Online project appears to be quite active.

Sunderland City Council – a member of the Microsoft Shared Learning Group, and winner of the UK Government's Digital Challenge competition for the promotion of digital inclusion – kindly provided me with an overview of its e-Neighbourhoods programme, including Community Electronic Village Halls.

It seems to me it is harder than ever to think of Community ICT as something apart from the mainstream, although that's the way we've treated it to date. Universal access to common, inclusive infrastructure is key.

Meantime, SS, who is the Project Manager of our Philips Motiva trial as part of the NeAT (Newham Advanced Telecare) programme, contacted me to say she read in my blog that I missed my Fitness MOT a couple of times and would I like to be one of the Motiva 50 Friendlies cohorts?

I agreed, which means having a set-top box and peripherals connected to my TV at home to remotely monitor blood pressure, weight and glucose levels. I'll let you know how I get on!