I wrote to the Government and Cabinet Office CIOs expressing a desire to meet with them to discuss how to engage with them on Flex benchmarking, and sent them the latest copies of our core Partnership Agreement and Services Catalogue for Newham ICT customers.

I spent all day in Euston on urgent SOCITM business - in a Presidential Team meeting with the CEO, a Performance and Urgency Group meeting reviewing the financial position, and in interviewing bidders for the Corporate Services review that we have determined the requirements for. We appointed KPMG, who will start work immediately.

I excused myself from a meeting of the Strategic Management Board (SMB) to enable me to work on SOCITM business, which was possibly high risk, especially as I had sponsored an agenda item on the Infrastructure project. However, I knew that SOCITM would require a lot more of my time as I approach my Presidential year, and that's a reason for my Executive Assistant requirement, previously reported. Geoff attended the SMB in my stead.