Resources board meetings are always preceded by Cabinet Report preview meetings. Today's agenda included the Newham Telecommunications Convergence project report to Cabinet on 20 March.

A lot of the phase-one business case is predicated upon revenue to be earned from traffic management using CCTV. We need to ensure the head of public realm is comfortable with the report. I also noticed that we appeared not to have consulted the head of corporate policy.

Phil Pavitt, Transport for London 's group CIO, chairs a regular meeting of IT representatives from London organisations such as Police, Fire, the GLA and the LDA, which I attend.

This afternoon's meeting reviewed progress by joint-working groups on GIS (Geographical Information Systems) network convergence, shared datacentres, (thin client) desktop infrastructure, web content management and search.

In each area there are, at least, benefits to be gained from sharing experiences but our aim is to drive economies of scale through standardisation, joint procurement and, ultimately, sharing resources.

In the evening I had dinner with Microsoft's head of local and regional government – Manoj Shetty. It's a chance to catch-up on partnership projects, but we also discuss my upcoming role in Socitm.

Manoj has prepared some ideas on "Socitm and Microsoft: working together in strategic partnership". I like one involving a "Dragon's Den" on innovation in citizen service.

Partnerships and sponsorship are certainly among our organisational review considerations, but any decisions will, of course, be made by the board in accordance with agreed policy.