The day started with yet another meeting with auditors – this time on a data-sharing audit, which starts on Monday.

In the afternoon I chaired my last ICT council meeting before Geoff takes over next month. The main item concerned the results of the employee attitude survey.

Those for ICT are, this time, pretty much in-line with the rest of the council's. We agree that the six follow-up themes determined by HR are the correct ones. There were also some issues to follow-up on staff feedback on the "Active Health Partnership" trial, and I undertake to write to HR.

I was booked into the MIC (Methodist International Centre) Hotel in Euston Street for tonight, as I had arranged to meet Rose Crozier (Socitm president) and Adrian Hancock (operations manager) for dinner ahead of tomorrow's PUG (Planning & Urgency Group) meeting.

Socitm pays £95 a year for MIC membership and the bed and breakfast rates are reduced from £150 to £87. We went for an Indian meal at a local restaurant recommended by a colleague. The hotel was very comfortable.