Nick Roberts (Surrey County Council) joined Rose, Adrian and I for a workshop on Sponsorship/ Partnership and Business Planning at the Friends' Meeting House. We discussed potential sponsorship packages assembled from the various events and publications Socitm runs, such as the website - regional meetings, Conference & President's dinners, newsletter, bar & entertainment and broadcasts – and will consult the market on what it would like to see.

We also drafted the agenda for our first full board meeting, on Thursday 22 May. The intervening period affords time for the completion of a number of other planned activities that will feed into the meeting, which I will explain as they occur. The draft agenda is quite full:

• Budget
• Code of Conduct
• Vision, Values, Strategy
• Set-up of National Advisory Council
• Additional directors
• Directors' Portfolios
• Policy on policy development and consultation
• SSL (Socitm Services Limited)

In the afternoon I attended a HP Public Sector Team Strategy (company internal) workshop to give my views of what customers wish of suppliers like HP. In the morning, they had heard views from representatives of Kable and Gartner.