With Steve Ballmer in town, today, for the Microsoft “Technologies to Challenge Your Business” Launch at the Southbank Centre (I didn’t attend as Geoff was covering the event) Cliff Saran, from Computer Weekly, asked me whether there was a burning question that I would have liked to ask him (SB).

Part of my reply was going to be about my frustration over the long delay in launching “Photosynth” since I first saw it demonstrated. I thought I better check the situation, ‘though, before I replied and discovered that it’s now available to use – and free! So, I’ve opened an account, and am going to get synthing .

Much of my day was spent in ‘phoning Socitm colleagues around the country to consult on Government Connect and the Code of Connection. I’m so glad I don’t work in Telesales! What a thankless task it is in trying to get through to us (and I do know that applies to me as much as anyone). However I did get to speak to many of my peers, and many thanks to all those who took the trouble to call me back.

I made time to review a number of my outstanding actions and tasks – mostly work-related – but decided I should also call my car insurers about an outstanding no-fault crash claim from February 2007.

I like to torture myself by going over all the details, then listening to recorded music, before being told the latest excuse for inaction, and I haven’t heard from them since the 5th August. Today, a very polite sounding lady informed me, after I’d spent a while listening to music (at least they changed the Frank Sinatra – I’ve listened to seven complete songs from him in a previous call) they’ve lost my file. Hey-ho.