Today's strategic management board was cancelled, because of the number of people on holiday, which was handy as it gave me more time to work on my report for the Mayor preparatory to my appearance before his "Star Chamber", early in September.

JF and I met with our ICT training staff at East Ham. In the last year we have been considering merging their service with other centralised training services in East Ham.

For various reasons, this has not progressed and, now that the decision to relocate all back office services to new accommodation at Building 1000 has been confirmed, I've shelved further consideration until all relocation has been completed - which will be likely to mean at least 18 months.

I apologised for the uncertainty that was caused, and gave my assurance that, hereon in, they will be fully part of the ICT organisation. We discussed how training will be developed in the ensuing period – working very closely with the ICT service desk, and with increasing emphasis on bite-sized online interactive training modules that we have been developing so successfully.

Training will also have a major role in supporting the new ways of working programme to be rolled-out in conjunction with the accommodation moves.

G and I met with HP's UK Sales Director and Business Development Director, together with our Account Manager, to discuss our partnership, strategy and possibilities for engagement with 2012 developments.

DM, JS and I met to discuss the options for extending our fibre network backbone to Building 1000. These include working with BT, the Docklands Light Railway, Geo (the sewers!) and laying our own ducting. We will reach a final decision by the beginning of September.